Know About Granny Flat Designs Options

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Know About Granny Flat Designs Options


Eric Bernard

Granny flats are prefabricated homes that offers added living space for your family. These homes have been there for a very long time though it is only during the past few years their popularity has started growing. This is because a few builders started offering these modular kit homes as a low cost solution to home owners.

Benefits of a Kit Home

These homes can be built as an addition to your main building so that it can be used as an accommodation for guests. You can even rent these homes and earn regular income out of it. There are many home owners who invest in kit homes in order to rent it and reduce their home loan repayment burden.

Design Options

There are different Granny Flat design options that you can choose from. In fact the design options include not just one and two bedroom units but also multiple bedroom units that have their own bathrooms and kitchens. Normally, Granny Flat designs depend upon the space available and also on the homeowner s needs. If, for instance, the home is being built for older people, then the home owner may want to include hoist facilities, wheel chair access and flat ramps into the design.

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As a home owner there are different Granny Flat Designs options that you may consider when building a kit home on your property. They include:

Creation of additional space for living, as a part of your existing property

Constructing a stand alone living space

Improving upon the existing living spaces

Opting for a pre engineered modular kit home

Regulations & Restrictions

Granny Flat Designs have some inherent restrictions that have to be incorporated into the Kit Home Plans. There are regulations which may vary based on where you reside. However, the regulations are:

Size limit in terms of the floor space area

The property should not be divided on account of granny flat construction

The restriction is only one granny flat allowed for every block

Construction of granny flats restricted on strata block or dual occupancy

It is important that the Granny Flat designs incorporate these restrictions. Further, the construction of these homes should meet all the local council regulations and also the Building Code of Australia guidelines.

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